Sunday, November 9, 2014

Startup Notes

Here are the some notes out of many Start-up entrepreneurs interviews and from their failed stories...

  • Every start-up savvy must read all the articles listed here
  • or Google it on hacker news.... Post the product / idea here and get the early feed back and work on it.
  • Try out and fail..
  • Never work in isolation, Do frequent release of the product have early user access and pay attention to users feedback. It's okey to be crappy but fix the damn thing.
  • Research the idea in targeted market segment.
  • Getting priorities right..Logo is not important :) Build and Ship.
  • Write content and share with right audience and market your self.
  • Customer feedback is extremely important. Let them talk and listen to them.

How do you turn your mind into the type that startup ideas form in unconsciously? 

(1) Learn a lot about things that matter, then 

(2) work on problems that interest you 

(3) with people you like and respect. The third part, incidentally, is how you get co-founders at the same time as the idea.

(4) Look for a Startup Mentor, You need one who can guide you in all aspects right from Decisions, Marketing and Customer handling etc..