Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Install MESA Developer Studio on IBM B2B Sterling Integrator

To install MESA Developer Studio
​ on Eclipse (Europa) follow the below steps, Below screen shot shows the eclipse version details,

1. Open Eclipse.
2. Select a default workspace folder location. You can add additional workspace folder locations at anytime. The Package View in the lower left area of the MESA Developer Studio workspace displays a local explorer view of your project folders. This enables you to store files that you check out.
3. From the Eclipse Help menu,
Navigate to Software Updates > Find and install.
4. Select Search for new features to install.
5. Click Next.
​Now need to add new Remote Site so click on New Remote Site.
7. Complete the following information and click OK.
    1.  Name –
      ​Type a descriptive name for the application server.
    2.  URL –
      ​Type the IP address or name of your server. Format is
Note: In this case my base port was 17000.

Note: The WebDAVportnumber can be found in webdav.log under  <GIS_install_dir>\SterlingCommerce\SI\logs
Your new site will appear in the list of sites to include in the search.
8. Select the check-box to the left of the new site. Click Finish.
                The system verifies the selected site and displays the results. On the search results page, expand the update site node and select from the following plug-ins, according to your licenses:
    1.  MESA Developer Studio (For Custom Service)
    2. ​ ​
      Service SDK
    3.  Skin Editor
9. Click Next. Accept the terms of the license and click Next.
10. Click Finish.
11. Click Install All to accept the feature verification.
You must restart Eclipse for the changes to take affect.