Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remove Custom Service from Sterling Integrator

If we need to uninstall a custom service in IBM B2B Sterling Integrator follow the blow steps. Please note you have to clean from File system and from database as well.

File System Cleanup

C:\Sirish\SterlingIntegrator\install\installed_data\Your Custom Service Name directory.

Your Custom Service Name directory.

C:\Sirish\SterlingIntegrator\install\properties\lang\en\Your Custom Service Name_en.properties

C:\Sirish\SterlingIntegrator\install\properties\services\Your Custom Service Name.xml

Database Cleanup

select * from service_def_guid where current_id = 461;

select * from service_def_parms where def_id = 461

select * from service_def where def_lookup_name like '%com.mypackage%';  


Please check def_look_up name in service instance page under Development --> Services --> Installation/Setup  

delete from service_def_guid where current_id = 461;

delete from service_def where def_id = 461;

delete from service_def_parms where def_id = 461;


Note: 461 is my CS unique Id in a database.